Spot The Difference

Edward R. Murrow

“A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

Edward R. Murrow


The Featured picture was taken back in 1904

I am just wondering if you can spot the difference? Clue: only one thing has not evolved since

As I am forced to go onto a #brainwashing program, courtesy of the UK #Government, I have noticed that I am expected to myself and be ready to confirm and deny myself of any free will and individual freedoms by a threat of sanctions.
Does name Adolf ring a bell ???

Or maybe 2017 closely resembles 1907, 1917 or even 1937?

The opposite direction of 1967 ( read: backwards )

It is the 21st Century, most of the things have evolved but one thing remained the same: human evolution or let’s say lack of it.

What I’ve found was this interesting piece of brainwash propaganda:

MONKEY-IN-SUIT-First impressions can go a long way, especially when it comes down to the way you appear in front of your employer.  Keep in mind that if you care about the way you look, the employer will see that you care about the job.

Well, if an employee is so daft to make decision based on what you wear than they are not that vothered into what you do, as long as you appear to take the part. Frankly speakinh, being surrounded by people with such limited intellectual capacity is just a waste of time.

The tie was an invention of the victorians. Supposedly it was to protect your shirt from the detritus of everyday. However, historically only two groups of people have anything around their necks, slaves and the hanged. If you had said to a Roman ‘here put this around your throat’ he would have been highly insulted

Richard, Dublin Ireland

This indoctrination, my folks, starts at the early age, especially here in the UK

“The third and most obvious flaw of school uniforms is that they undermine individuality. From infancy, children are being encouraged, if not forced to all dress the same. It has absolutely no bearing on their academic ability or their ability to discern between right and wrong, but school uniform does have a bearing on a person’s ability to find their true individuality, their true identity. In a sense, it is a mass indoctrination. The school environment becomes an allegory for life in the real world, and the message is clear: everyone must look the same…
But the main reason for uniforms in jobs is to extend the indoctrination begun at infant level. Every uniform screams “conform”. In a truly equal society, a bank manager would be wearing the same uniform as a trainee bank clerk. “

If it was 1904, maybe but since it is 2017, it is time for humans to move at least an inch into the future or maybe there is a hidden message behind all this charade?

The way I see it is simple:
A tie is a symbol of slavery ( in the business environment it refers to the corporate slavery), while the term suit, refers to the meaning of the “uniform”: oppression of individuality, forceful confirmation and creation of an army of sheep.

If you have to wear the above it is not as mentioned in the brainwashing propaganda at the beginning: It sends a message: “Yes Sir, I am willing to prostitute myself to the company and I am an obedient slave who will follow your every desire, will not question you in return for a tap on my back.”


ef4f1a1c72And yes, you guessed it right: some people say that the current UK government is conspiring with corporation into submission of free individuals into a corporate slavery for their Capitalistic sponsors, disguised as a work programme, with an ultimate goal of creating an army of intellectual shy humanoids who will be willing to perform any given duties for pennies, while the big corporation being subsided by the taxpayer, with a goal of disabling such individuals of any power of intellectual though, which may challenge their self imposed authority, in the name of so-called “Democracy”


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