Please Sir, may I have some more ?

I believe alien life is quite common in the universe, although intelligent life is less so. Some say it has yet to appear on planet Earth.  Stephen Hawking

During my year-long search for an intelligent life on this planet, I often find myself a bit baffled by a stupid question such as: What is your desired salary.trickle_down_economics 

But again, there may be a reason behind this apparently idiotic question.

There are two possible answers:

  1. You have no sense of self-worthiness by being prepared to prostitute yourself for pennies
  2. You set what is your real worth, based on statistics and facts.

You set yourself to be undervalued, in the psychological term: worthless, hoping that you will get that job.

The question is: is it worthy in a log term and do you really want to spend your time surrounded by people who do not value themselves and are willing to suck up to the corporation and being given leftovers from their master?

The main problem is that those kind of people are in the majority and that is what modern capitalistic oriented democracy really thrive on and that is what is resulting in moronic “democratic” decisions such as an election of Donald Trump and the UK’s #BREXIT referendum results.

Too many, intellectually shy individuals, willing to be enslaved by the corporations in the false belief that the company they prostitute themselves to really do gives a damn about them.
Of course not, it’s called Capitalism stupid!

Being rewarded as “an employee of the month” or given a tap on the back or any other imaginary badge of honour for contributing towards company’s profits won’t pay your bills and won’t feed you: you need money for that.
So instead of asking what they do need and are worthy, they rely on fake money from the banks and buy things they do not need, with the money they do not have.

The biggest expense to the #corporations is the manpower, so do not be surprised by so-called robotisation of the businesses because they are simply replacing the like with the like, with a difference that robots are cheaper to run and in a principle they do not differ from those people who are performing more or less the same duties: follow the instructions, execute the same tasks on a continuous basis with the only purpose of their brain to perform given task, and using it only for motor neuron purposes and completely disengage the brain from intellectually based functions: the activity which differentiate humans from other living creatures.
Why there is so much similarity with modern #capitalism and current job market?
The answer is simple: they want humanoids while waiting for robots: which are often programmed to do one and only one function. Which again, does not surprise me with the answers I get: Oh, sorry we just want someone with an experience of working with pink paperclips and nothing else.

Which again answers the reasons behind the current quest for Artificial Intelligence not because it will make life better but because natural intelligence is a scarcity and robots are cheaper to run.

You set what is your real worth, based on statistics and facts.

To cover the cost of living and in line with what is expected for, people with similar experience, set of skills and qualifications do get.
Anything below this is just attempting to exploit by getting cheap labour and have more so-called intellectual shy humanoids and self-worthless individuals ready to suck up to the corporation, follow orders and get peanuts.

No wonder there is a say: you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.
Well, if the monkeys and intellectually shy humanoids are the backbones of your organisational existence, then count me out.

The correct way of dealing with it is to ask your masters:
Hey, sir, I demand more.

Just to remind you folks that the ones who creates the wealth is the one who actually goes to work and uses their own skills to add value, not as you have all been brainwashed into the belief that some fairy tale business owner. All they do is find you and profit from you.
And you have also being brainwashed that Democracy is Capitalism. Well, Democracy originated in Ancient Greece, with a difference that slaves did not have the right to vote.

Personally, I believe that this was just another attempt to communicate with a brick wall but again there may be a sign of intelligence on this earth somewhere. I know that there is, the only problem is finding it.

Featured image from: Devian Art






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