EU Referenum: The Results

Idiocracy or Democracy? Guess which one has won?

The people have spoken?

The issue here is that the working class will be crewed up yet again.

It won’t be Nigel, Boris and the rest of their mates and backers who will suffer: it will be the working class who voted based on lies, misconceptions, false promises and misleading advertising.

The difference being that in commercial advertising, there are rule so you do not mislead but in Politics there are not, so you may claim whatever you like.

In a short term, there is an opportunity every 5 years to change your mind based on those promises, in the case of the EU Referendum, I doubt it that you will have a chance within a lifetime.
Just to let you make aware that one of Nigel’s backers was a billionaire Insurance broker and just to let you know that Nigel is starting to talk about insurance based future of the NHS.

Of course, they have all started to backtrack from the promises they have made because they knew it was a lie.

So, the very same people who could not see through the big catch phrases and simplification of a complex issues would be punished and be suffering the most.
Now, after so many working class people have voted to Leave the only institution that may be used to reinforce their right s, they will have no one to help them out part from themselves.
I have voted to remain because I am a working class, I have seen the same rhetoric which borough Yugoslavia down and which enabled Milosevic to get on power as did the other nationalist. So, I know from the fact and experience that the only people who did benefit were definitely not the working class, but the very same people who mislead them.
So, I am arid that this decision of voting to leave the EU will have deteriorating effect on the very same people who were mislead and lied to.
I do hope that, on a positive note, they will ( the working class) finally figure it out that they have been screwed up and the whole political system is a farce and do hope to see them on barricades when the revolution starts.



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