A message to Canada


Dear Canada

Just to inform you that our boat is sinking. We are aware that you have the same “adoration” for our beloved Queen as much as we do so we are looking for your assistance. In the sake of the humanity, it is urgent matter to save the remaining signs of the intelligence still left in the UK and save it before it gets consumed by the Idiocracy, as it is commonly refers to as Democracy, here in the UK.

As it happened to Titanic long time ago, bad captainship has led us to his the iceberg of mediocrity and as a result we are doomed. 

In an ideal world we would seek assistance of the USA but unfortunately they are even worse than we are.

Therefore, we are seeking for your urgent assistance before all the intelligent life is extinct in our home formerly known as United Kingdom  

So folks, here is the last message to you: S.O. S ( Save Our Souls)


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